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Free form performance Léa-Claire Tersou

23 oktober 2017

An important aspect of the UCG curriculum is project-based education. Working in interdisciplinary teams, students learn to integrate academic knowledge and skills with creative approaches to face today's complex global challenges. Students can choose from different projects that represent a variety of disciplines, methods, and strategies. In the second year students are required to complete a freeform activity. Possible usages of the free form activity are taking an additional elective, doing an internship, writing a
research paper on a topic of the student’s choice or doing an independent artistic, scientific or societal project. Last week, Léa-Claire Tersou gave a performance which was part of her free from project.

"My name is Léa-Claire Tersou, second year student at UCG, and for my free-form project I decided to use my passion for writing and performing to pass on a message very dear to me. I have been very fascinated by the emotion of shame ever since I understood the role that this one had in my life, in my relationships, and in my own self-esteem. More then anything, in my research about shame I have come to understand the importance of sharing shame as a methods to take control of it.

My project, called the Shame Project, is an effort to get people at UCG to open up and take control of their own shameful experiences through art and emotions. I begin by getting the ball rolling, performing a 15 minute piece on how I suffered through an eating disorder, its roots, consequences, and the lessons it taught me."

In case you are interested in finding out more about our project work, please have a look here.

Léa-Claire Tersou
Léa-Claire Tersou
Laatst gewijzigd:23 oktober 2017 10:30

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