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Experience Groningen #2 - Open Day

21 november 2017

Since this month, two of our UCG students started making a Vlogging series called "Experience Groningen". In this series, our students take you on tours through the city of Groningen and student related activities. The second Vlog, which was broadcasted last Friday, will take you on a tour through the latest open day. In this latest Vlog, our Vlogging duo Jona and Miona highlighted our student volunteers, some of the presentations given by our staff and a general impression of the whole day. The video was uploaded on the UCG Youtube Channel. In case you enjoy watching the video, you have the opportunity to subscribe to our channel and be the first to know when a new Vlog has been broadcasted. We hope you enjoy watching the series!

Laatst gewijzigd:21 november 2017 10:46

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