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Dr Simon Friederich sheds light on multiverse theories in physics from the perspective of philosophy

26 February 2019

“How did we get here? How could a universe with such simple physical laws have created something as complex as us? In this book Dr Simon Friederich focuses his attention on one particular suggested response to the mystery of our existence: the multiverse. Read more here

A Rare Universe? The Multiverse Debate Through the Lens of Philosophy
A Rare Universe? The Multiverse Debate Through the Lens of Philosophy

“Are there regions of space and time where the laws and constants of nature are different? Are there perhaps even separate universes with different laws and constants? A collection of real universes with differing laws and constants is called a “multiverse” and the question of whether we might possibly live in a multiverse is a hotly debated one among physicist.

“While some physicists are enthusiastic about the multiverse idea, others are extremely critical. The critics point out that it is impossible to empirically access other universes – if they exist – and they argue that this makes theorising about other universes pseudo- scientific”

.... Read the full article here, where Dr. Friedrich gives two reasons we should consider the multiverse idea.

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