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Project Rome

Project-based learning is an important component of the Liberal Arts and Sciences program offered at the University College Groningen (UCG). Students learn to manage projects and conduct research in collaboration with actors in the field. Project Rome is an example of an interdiscplinary project that our students are involved in.

Last week, five second year students were in Rome to work on a project that focuses on the social arena in Rome and the interactions between locals and tourists. One of the students, Anne, has provided us with daily blogs and photos about the project and progress they've made during their trip.

Blog 1 Project Rome – The preparations!

Blog 2 - Phase 2: Arrival and Exploration

Phase 3: More exploration and Research

Phase 4: Presentation Day

Phase 5: Post-presentation, a school visit and the power of a woman

Phase 6: The Power of a Woman


Last year, our student also traveled to Rome to perform interdisciplinary research. The students focused on waste management in Rome. Please visit the Rome 16 website, made by our students, for more information.

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