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University College Groningen Education Exchange (Study Abroad)


UCG has a vlog series called UCGlobal. Via UCGlobal you can follow UCG students Rosemarijn and Anna-Lotte during their entire international exchange period. They were both on exchange during the 1st Semester of the Academic year 2018/2019. Rosemarijn attended Arizona State University in Phoenix and Anna-Lotte attended the Australian National University in Canberra. Watch this great recap of all their adventures!

Meet Rosemarijn & Anna-Lotte. During this first vlog they were on the verge of their exciting exchange period!

In the second UCGlobal vlog, Anna-Lotte shows you how she prepared for her international Exchange. She is going to Australian National University in Canberra to do her major. What to prepare? What to pack? What not to forget? Listen and learn!

In the third UCGlobal vlog, Rosemarijn will talk and show you through the graduation day of the UCG Class of 2018. Wondering what the second cohort of UCG alumni looks like or what you can expect during your future graduation at UCG? Take a look at this video!

Anna-Lotte  made a little detour through Singapore, Sydney and Tasmania before she arrived in Canberra for het intro week. Join in on her global adventures by watching her latest Vlog!

Rosemarijn travelled all the way to Phoenix, Arizona. Enjoy the awesome views of her campus!

Follow   Anna-Lotte during a typical day as an exchange student at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

Rosemarijn takes us with her during her regular college days and explains more about the courses she follows and what it is like to be an Arizona State Sun Devil!

Rosemarijn is studying in Tempe, Arizona for almost 4 months. That also means, unfortunately, that her time abroad is almost coming to an end... What's left? Being busy with exams! Luckily she has some great clips of what she has been up to all this time, from visiting the Grand Canyon to celebrating Halloween - she is turning into a real Arizona State "Sun Devil"!

The last UCGlobal Vlog of UCG student Rosemarijn. Her Exchange period has come to an end - but not before she shares with us her cool Arizona roadtrip! Enjoy these great images - and be inspired! Who knows - perhaps you could go on an UCG exchange to Tempe, Arizona one day...

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