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Biphasic catalytic dehydration of sugars to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in a continuous centrifugal contactor separator

Catalytic methane combustion in plate-type microreactors with different channel configurations: An experimental study

Effect of mixing on mass transfer characterization in continuous slugs and dispersed droplets in biphasic slug flow microreactors

The rotor-stator type hydrodynamic cavitation reactor approach for enhanced biodiesel fuel production

A review on catalytic methane combustion at low temperatures: Catalysts, mechanisms, reaction conditions and reactor designs

Aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol in a slug flow microreactor: Influence of liquid film wetting on mass transfer

Continuous Synthesis of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural from Glucose Using a Combination of AlCl3 and HCl as Catalyst in a Biphasic Slug Flow Capillary Microreactor

Experimental and modeling studies on the Ru/C catalyzed levulinic acid hydrogenation to γ–valerolactone in packed bed microreactors

Experimental study and mass transfer modelling for extractive desulfurization of diesel with ionic liquid in microreactors

Highly efficient conversion of xylose to furfural in a water-MIBK system catalyzed by magnetic carbon-based solid acid

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