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J. (Jun) Yue, Prof

Associate Professor

Current and finished projects

Intensification of the chemocatalytic biomass conversion to value-added chemicals by multiphase flow processing in microreactors (RUG start-up grant)

Combining advanced nanomaterials and micro-/milli-fluidics for efficient chemical conversion and thermal management (Ubbo Emmius Fund)

Unrecycled cellulose conversion to biobased chemicals (Cell-U-Value project)

Intensificed reactors for biobased chemical production (TKI-BBE project)

Supercritical CO2 drying of starch (SNN-Groningen province project)

PhD students

Chengcong Ruan (Topic: HMF synthesis in novel solvents in microreactors)

Federico Perondi (Topic: Supercritical CO2 drying of starch)

Elchin Jafariyeh Yazdi (Topic: cellulose conversion to biobased chemicals)

Jie Zong (Topic: Microreactors with particles in flow for gas separation and chemical synthesis)

Yanyan Liu (Topic: mass transfer and reaction in gas-liquid-liquid microreactors)

Savitha Sundaraiah (Topic: Centrifugal contactor separators for biobased chemical processes)

Jue Wang (Topic: Mass transfer characterization in slug flow microreactors)

Wenze Guo (Topic: The development of efficient microreactor technology for the synthesis of biobased furanics from carbohydrates; thesis defended in Septermber 2021)

Li He (Topic: Microreactors for catalytic methane combustion; thesis defended in Septermber 2020)

Arne Hommes (Topic: Multiphase microreactors for biomass catalytic conversion; thesis defended in Septermber 2020)

Susanti (Topic: Kinetic chiral separation in slug flow microreactors; thesis defended in September 2018)

Visiting PhD students

Zhipeng Tian (Topic: Fischer-Tropsch synthesis to low olefins; June 2018-May 2019)

Ebrahim Fayazishishvan (Topic: Biodiesel synthesis in centrifugal contactor and separators; completed; March 2017-August 2017)


Monique Bernardes Figueirêdo (Topic: centrifugal devices for biobased chemical synthesis; completed in 2021)

Zheng Zhang (Topic: Kinetic modelling of HMF production in biphasic systems and intensification using microreactors; completed in 2015)

Master students

Jasper Hacking (Thesis title: Kinetic study on the acid catalysed dehydration of fructose/glucose mixture in water-MIBK biphasic system; completed in 2014-2015)

Minke Janssens (Thesis title: Study to the characteristics of HMF autoxidation with a Co/Mn/Br catalyst: Determination of the important parameters for process intensification in a capillary microreactor; completed in 2014-2015)

Meine Koeslag (Thesis title: Catalytic hydrogenation of levulinic acid to γ-valerolactone in a trickle bed reactor: Analysis of mass transfer resistance and kinetics; completed in 2015-2016)

Jorn Kraakman (Topic: Lactic acid extraction in microreactors; completed in 2017-2018)

Philippe van der Poel (Topic: Centrifugal contactor and separator for biobased application; ongoing)

Paulien Beek (Topic: polymer modification in microreactors; completed in 2017-2018)

Remon Schuring (Topic: Transport and reaction study in packed bed microreactors; completed in 2017-2018)

Arjan ter Horst (Topic: Levulinic acid hydrogenaton in small-scale flow reactors; completed in 2018-2019)

Tom de Wit (Topic: biofuel production in microreactors; completed in 2018-2019)

Bas Disselhorst (Topic: HMF oxidation in microreactors; completed in 2018-2019)

Herman Bruining (Topic: microreactor for furanics production; completed in 2018-2019)

Daniël Vreugdenhil (Topic: methane combustion in microreactors; completed in 2018-2019)

Open PhD project

The following projects are open for CSC scholarship students in 2022:

(1) Biobased chemical synthesis in continuous flow reactors

(2) Transport phenomena in microreactors

(3) Heterogeneous catalysis in multiphase microreactors

(4) Process intensification using centrifugal forces

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