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Gone but Not to Be Forgotten: 1980s and 1990s Media Histories

Media histories of the 1980s and 1990s

Revolutionary Discourses in a Time Capsule: A Historiographical Analysis of Canonical, Intellectual Literature Concerning the Social Impact and Significance of the Internet

Amateurism: Exploring its Multiple Meanings in the Age of Film, Video, and Digital Media


Everyone a Photographer: The Rise of Amateur Photography in the Netherlands 1880-1940

Home Mode, Community Mode, Counter Mode: Three Functional Modalities for Coming to Terms with Amateur Media Practices

Resistance, Disruption and Belonging: Electronic Video in Three Amateur Modes

Tales of a Tool Encounter: Exploring Video Annotation for Doing Media History

Tools for Reflection: Or How to Teach Television History in the Era of Digitization

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Guilty pleasure: Dit is waarom we massaal in de bios kattenfilmpjes kijken

Home Movies Project: Changing platforms of ritualized memory practices. The cultural dynamics of home movies