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dr. T. (Tom) Slootweg

assistant professor
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Changing Platforms of Ritualized Memory Practices: The Cultural Dynamics of Home Movies (2012-2016)

This project addressed a number of questions dealing with the complex interrelationship between technology, specific user generations and spaces or places of cultural memory production in home movie making and screening. More concretely we are interested in the question how changing technologies of cultural production (film, video or digital camera) have shaped new practices and rituals of memory staging (screening of the films in domestic of public venues) and thereby initiated processes of (re)negotiating user generations and group identities.

CLARIAH research pilot project M&M (2017-2018)

This research wants to explore a specific gradual change within Dutch documentary filmmaking: it wants to trace a transformation from the traditional objective documentary as fair and fact minded genre towards one with an appreciation for a more personal and subjective style. 

But, how to trace the emergence of a genre before it is a well constituted and recognized as such?

This proposal aims to address the challenges of doing historical research in large audiovisual collections by making use of a video annotation tool.
Additionally, this research aims to use contextual sources, like the program guides available in the CoMeRDa tool, to gain more insights. It will offer a method of reconstructing the development of a genre based on analysing oral and visual cues related to a set of genre conventions: a common theme or subject matter, manner of presentation and associated emotions.



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