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Gene expression in the intestine of newborn piglets after hypoxia-reoxygenation

Growth-Restricted Fetuses and Offspring Reveal Adverse Sex-Specific Metabolic Responses in Preeclamptic Mice Expressing Human sFLT1

Hypermethylation of CTDSPL2 prior to necrotizing enterocolitis onset

Neonatal stress exposure and DNA methylation of stress-related and neurodevelopmentally relevant genes: An exploratory study

Preeclampsia-induced alterations in brain and liver gene expression and DNA methylation patterns in fetal mice

Quantum Sensing of Free Radicals in Primary Human Granulosa Cells with Nanoscale Resolution

14-weeks combined exercise epigenetically modulated 118 genes of menopausal women with prediabetes

Altered neurodevelopmental DNA methylation status after fetal growth restriction with brain-sparing

An Oxidative Stress-Related Gene Signature in Granulosa Cells Is Associated with Ovarian Aging

Corrigendum: Novel Zinc-Related Differentially Methylated Regions in Leukocytes of Women With and Without Obesity

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“Mit Epigenetik zu einer neuen Medizin“

Detecting fine dust on inside placenta