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University Medical Center Groningen

prof. dr. T. (Torsten) Plosch

Adjunct professor

My research is focused on the influence of the early fetal and neonatal environment on the health of the offspring at adult age (BARKER hypothesis, DOHaD hypothesis, Developmental Origins of Health and Disease). Specifically, we study how maternal-fetal nutrient supply during pregnancy and early postnatal nutrition influences later metabolic regulation, namely with regards to lipid metabolism and cardiovascular diseases. The key idea is that nutrients induce epigenetic changes in the embryo, fetus or newborn which persist into adulthood and hence change the susceptibility to develop chronic disease (metabolic programming, epigenetic programming).

In a first line, we study how nutrients (e.g., lipids) are transported via the placenta and how this can be modified. As the next step, we focus on the development and acute regulation of fetal lipid metabolism. Lastly, we study how maternal nutrition or placental events influence the epigenome of the fetus.

Our work forms a bridge from fetal physiology via epigenetics to long-term health outcome. For our studies, we combine “classical” biochemical analysis with up-to-date physiological techniques (indirect calorimetry, stable isotopes), molecular approaches (Taqman PCR, microarray) and epigenetic analyses (pyrosequencing/LUMA, RRBS).

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