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How to find us dr. T.K. (Tekke) Terpstra

dr. T.K. Terpstra

Academic advisor


PhD project:

Doctoral candidate (2009-2013) at the Arctic Centre (University of Groningen). PhD project on Inuit outside the Arctic. For the research project anthropological fieldwork has been conducted in Denmark, Greenland and Canada. Title dissertation: Inuit outside the Arctic. Migration, Identity and Perceptions.



- Terpstra, Tekke. 2011. 'Migration in the Circumpolar North: Issues and Contexts.' Review in Polar Geography, nr. 3.

- Terpstra, Tekke and Kirsten Thisted. 2010. 'Ole Korneliussen på hollandsk.' Tidsskriftet Grønland. The article can be found here .

- Terpstra, Tekke. 12.02.2010. 'Ole Korneliussen hollandimiusut/Ole Korneliussen på hollandsk.' Sermitsiaq. The article in Danish and Greenlandic can be found here.

---. 2008. 'Memories of Abuse and Life in Greenland. On the novel Kalak by Kim Leine.' Review in the Scandinavian Newsletter , nr. 12. The review can be found here.




- Presentation at the 18th Inuit Studies Conference in Washington D.C., United States. Title: 'Maintaining Inuktitut and Kalaallisut in southern Canada and Denmark: the Role of Inuit Language for Inuit Identity outside the Arctic.' Date: 26th of October.

- Presentation during the conference Native North America: Indigenous Self-Representation in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico in Groningen. Title: 'Images of Inuit in the Canadian South: (Self-)Representation, Urbanization and Identity.' Date: 23rd of February.

- Lecture (in Dutch) for the Scandinavian Society Friesland. Title: 'Migration, Integration and Perception of Greenlanders in Denmark.' Date: 18th of January.


- Presentation during the 7th International Congress for Arctic Social Sciences in Akureyri, Iceland. Title: 'Mobility and Immobility in Narratives of Inuit: Stories of Greenlanders about living in Denmark.'

- Presentation (in Dutch) as part of the Polar Night of Groningen together with drs M.E. van Kruining. Title: 'About Thule and Kalaallit: Inuit migration in past and present.'


- Interview with the Greenlandic author Ole Korneliussen at the exhibition 'Bardot Proviant Klub' about Greenland in Amsterdam.


- Presentation during the 9th ACUNS International Student Conference on Northern Studies and Polar Regions in Whitehorse, Canada. Title: 'Arctic social scientists and fieldwork in urban areas: The Case of Greenlandic migrants in Danish cities.'

- Presentation (in Danish) during a research seminar at the department of Eskimology, University of Copenhagen. Title: 'Transnational ties, urban networks and identity formation among Inuit migrants in southern Canada and Denmark.'

- Lecture (in Dutch) for the Scandinavian Society Friesland. Title: 'Dutch farm families in Denmark.'

- University of Groningen, dept. of Scandinavian Languages and Cultures: guest lecture on literature from the Faroe Islands and Greenland.


Organisational activities:


- Literary evening: Literary Polar Night 2012 (organising comity). Guests: Katti Frederiksen, Kim Leine, Remco Ekkers and Joyce Roodnat. Date: 16th of October.


- Film festival: Polar Film Festival Frozen Images (organising comity), which forms part of the Polar Night of Groningen.

- Literary evening: Literary Polar Night (organising comity), which forms part of the Polar Night of Groningen. Guests: Bernlef, Remco Ekkers, Sacha Landkroon, Ole Korneliussen, Ailo Gaup and Lars Saabye Christensen.

- A lecture by the Greenlandic author Ole Korneliussen at the University of Groningen. Click here to see the announcement poster.



- Terpstra, Tekke (transl.) 2009. Qivittoq. Verhalen uit Groenland. Wilde aardbeien: Groningen. Dutch translation of the short story collection Det andet dyr by Ole Korneliussen. With and afterword by eskimologist Kirsten Thisted. A review of this publication in the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant can be found here and a review in the Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant here. An interview with the author in the Frisian newspaper Leeuwarder Courant can be found here

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