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How to find us S.K. (Sonja) Billerbeck, PhD


Moving towards chemical-free agriculture, 37 kb at a time

Directed evolution of synthetic coexistence: A new path towards ecosystem design?

Author correction: A scalable peptide-GPCR language for engineering multicellular communication (vol 9, 5057, 2018)

A scalable peptide-GPCR language for engineering multicellular communication

Small Functional Peptides and Their Application in Superfunctionalizing Proteins

A modular yeast biosensor for low-cost point-of-care pathogen detection

Sequence-based prediction of permissive stretches for internal protein tagging and knockdown

Forward design of a complex enzyme cascade reaction

The good of two worlds: increasing complexity in cell-free systems

Towards functional orthogonalisation of protein complexes: individualisation of GroEL monomers leads to distinct quasihomogeneous single rings

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Team iGEM Groningen 2020 wint gouden medaille

Young Academy Groningen 2020 New Member Inauguration - Livestream event

Studenten verjagen aardappelparasiet

Zestien grensverleggende onderzoeksprojecten van start in 3e ronde NWO Open Competitie – XS

Lage landen verdienen iGEM-prijzen

iGEM 2019: team RUG wint gouden medaille

iGEM 2019: Team Groningen ontwikkelt een biologische QR-code

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