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Combining oligo pools and Golden Gate cloning to create protein variant libraries or guide RNA libraries for CRISPR applications

Improving homology-directed repair by small molecule agents for genetic engineering in unconventional yeast?-Learning from the engineering of mammalian systems

Killer yeasts: expanding frontiers in the age of synthetic biology

A Modular Cloning Toolkit Including CRISPRi for the Engineering of the Human Fungal Pathogen and Biotechnology Host Candida glabrata

A Multiplex GPCR-Mediated Peptide Tagging System for a Growing Yeast Synthetic Biology Toolbox

Functional Synthetic Biology

Natural and engineered cyclodipeptides: Biosynthesis, chemical diversity, and engineering strategies for diversification and high-yield bioproduction.

Ten simple rules for managing laboratory information

A SynBio community comes of age: Political, academical, industrial, and societal developments in the Netherlands

Editorial: Fungi as cell factories: Genetic engineering and applications

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Team Groningen wint medaille met Bye-o-film in iGEM- competitie Parijs

Team Groningen wins medal with Bye-o film in iGEM competition Paris

Sonja Billerbeck partner in EIC Pathfinder project

Sonja Billerbeck partner in EIC Pathfinder-project

Four FSE researchers receive NWO XS grant

NWO XS-subsidie voor vier FSE-onderzoekers

Team iGEM Groningen 2022 wint gouden medaille

Team iGEM Groningen 2022 wins gold medal

Fighting bird flu with genetically engineered bacteria

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