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Research interests

Senior researcher


Mental health, risk and protective factors at micro- and macro-levels across early at-risk stages for psychosis: The Mirorr study

Relating stability of individual dynamical networks to change in psychopathology

Temporal associations between salivary cortisol and emotions in clinically depressed individuals and matched controls: A dynamic time warp analysis

Testing the mood brightening hypothesis: Hedonic benefits of physical, outdoor, and social activities in people with anxiety, depression or both

The added value of daily diary data in 1- and 3-year prediction of psychopathology and psychotic experiences in individuals at risk for psychosis

The dynamic relationship between sleep and psychotic experiences across the early stages of the psychosis continuum

The dynamics of social activation and suspiciousness in individuals at ultra-high risk for psychosis

Transdiagnostic factors predicting the 2-year disability outcome in patients with anxiety and depressive disorders

Which symptom to address in psychological treatment for cancer survivors when fear of cancer recurrence, depressive symptoms, and cancer-related fatigue co-occur? Exploring the level of agreement between three systematic approaches to select the focus of treatment

Dynamic symptom networks across different at-risk stages for psychosis: An individual and transdiagnostic perspective

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