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Practical matters How to find us dr. S.H. (Sanne) Booij

dr. S.H. (Sanne) Booij

Postdoctoral researcher

At the moment, I am working on the following projects.

Mapping individual routes of risk and resilience. To predict the onset and progression of psychopathology, in particular psychosis, by means of dynamic symptom networks. Based on VENI grant of Dr. Hanneke Wigman. We have recently completed the inclusion of all participants, and are half-way through the entire data collection. Since january 2020, Sara van der Tuin devotes her PhD project to examining symptom networks in relation to the development of psychopathology in the broadest sense. For updates, see our project at ResearchGate

The effect of lifestyle interventions in psychiatry. This PhD project by Charlie Schillemans is focussed on lifestyle interventions in psychiatry, mainly focussed on outpatients with a severe mental illness. Other than existing research, the concept of lifestyle is broader, consisting of several domains. The outcomes will also be broader than existing research, mainly on physical health and symptom reduction, and will consist of a broad scope of health and recovery indicators. The first research output will be a systematic literature review and meta-analysis. We will develop a lifestyle intervention adapted to the outpatient SMI population and test its efficacy, feasability and barriers and facilitators for implementation in this population.

A dynamic perspective on psychological resilience. PhD project by Anna Kuranova. Since the end of 2017, Anna is studying psychological resilience. She examines whether and how we can capture psychological resilience in a dynamic way. 

THE BATTLE OF THE BIOLOGICAL CLOCK: dysregulation of the circadian rhythm in depressed individuals. PhD project by Olga Minaeva. Olga examines how sleep, physical activity and rest-activity-rhythms, as measured with actigraphy, relate to depression and its development. 

Finished projects:

Mood and Movement in Daily life. With this project we examined the dynamics of physical activity, cortisol, alpha-amylase and melatonin in daily life, and their associations with mood and depression. Several publications have been written about this project, and new studies are still conducted with the data. You can find the latest update here.

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