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How to find us prof. dr. R.J.C. (Rafaele) Huntjens

prof. dr. R.J.C. (Rafaele) Huntjens

Professor of Experimental Clinical Psychology (Adj), in particular of trauma-related and dissociative disorders.


Editorial changes at the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry

Inter-identity amnesia for neutral episodic self-referential and autobiographical memory in Dissociative Identity Disorder: An assessment of recall and recognition

The Sense of Self Over Time: Assessing Diachronicity in Dissociative Identity Disorder, Psychosis and Healthy Comparison Groups

The Tonic Immobility Scale in adolescent and young adult rape victims: Support for three-factor model

Intrusions related to indirectly experienced events in clinical offspring of World War Two survivors

Manipulating the reported age in earliest memories

Persistent disregard for the inadequacies of null hypothesis significance testing and the viable alternative of observation-oriented modeling

Schematherapy in DID: Treatment length and related studies on dissociative amnesia

Assessing the application of latent class and latent profile analysis for evaluating the construct validity of complex posttraumatic stress disorder: cautions and limitations

Do early interventions prevent PTSD? A systematic review and meta-analysis of the safety and efficacy of early interventions after sexual assault

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Interview zorgstandaard dissociatieve stoornissen

Keynote NtVP jaarcongres Identiteit 8 dec 2020

Kan iemand met een gespleten persoonlijkheid de ene dag van spinazie houden en de andere dag niet? '

‘Kan iemand met een gespleten persoonlijkheid de ene dag van spinazie houden en de andere dag niet’?

Klopt dit wel?

Dossier DIS: Strikte scheiding van identiteiten is misvatting

Onderzoek kinderen in jeugdzorg standaard op trauma

Multiple Personality Disorder and traumatic experiences may be linked: Condition remains controversial

Be specific! Overgeneral memory in Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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