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How to find us prof. dr. R.J.C. (Rafaele) Huntjens

prof. dr. R.J.C. Huntjens

Professor of Experimental Clinical Psychology (Adj), in particular of trauma-related and dissociative disorders.
  • Selection of current projects:

    • Schematherapy in Dissociative Identity Disorder. Dr. R. J. J. Huntjens, Dr. M. Rijkeboer, Prof. A. Arntz. 
    • PhD project Selwyn Renard (University of Groningen). Psychosocial, cognitive, and neural mechanisms underlying dissociation in psychosis. Dr. Marieke Pijnenborg, Dr. J. C. Huntjens, & Prof. A. Aleman.
    • PhD project Patricia Dashorst (centrum '45, ARQ, University of Groningen). Trauma and memory. Dr. R. J. C. Huntjens, Dr. T. Mooren, Prof. R. Kleber, Prof. P. J. de Jong.
    • PhD project Rosie Marsch (University of Christchurch, New Zealans). Dr. Martin Dorahy & Dr. R. J. C. Huntjens.
    • PhD project Noortje van Vliet (Dimence). Phase-based treatment versus direct trauma-focused treatment in patients with Complex PTSD. Prof. A. de Jongh & Dr. R. J. C. Huntjens.
    • PhD project Milou Covers (Centrum Sexueel Geweld, UMC). Early intervention after sexual assault. Dr. I Bicanic, Prof. A. de Jong, Prof. M. van den Hout, Dr. R.J.C. Huntjens.


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