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How to find us dr. R.F.J. (Richard) Paping

dr. R.F.J. Paping

Associate professor
dr. R.F.J. Paping

Teaching the year 2019/2020 includes


1. Coordination and lecturing Introductory Economics (including Micro-economics and Macro-economics), mandatory for first year International Relation students [English].

 2. Lecturing theoretical concepts of Economic History as part of the mandatory second year course Economic and Social History for History students [Dutch].

3. Lecturing a second year tutorial Economic and Social History for History students, including coordination [Dutch]

 4. Lecturing Master courses Economic and Social History for History students. Topics in last years include: 'Succesful organisations'; 'Creating social chances/changes'; 'Diseases, care and physicians: rising health through the ages', 'Career chances', 'Crisis and policy'; 'Youth between tradition and future'; 'New and Old social-economic elites'; 'A new life (migration)'; 'Evaluating policy measures in the past'; 'The social origin of politicians'; 'the continuity of the Dutch lowest class'. In the last year mainly years in English.  

5. Giving four lectures in the course Dutch studies on the (origins of) the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century and the long term development population and countryside in the Netherlands) [English]

6. Supervising Master theses, Bachelor theses and Internships Economic and Social History.

7. Advanced Methodology in the Research Master Modern History and International Relations


Previous teaching include

-First year seminars Economic and Social History at the Faculty of  Economics (1990-1992)

-Several courses Micro-Economics and courses Macro-economics at the Faculty of Arts (1991-2008)

-Several courses on Statistics at the Faculty of Arts (1991-1998)

-A Postdoctoral course on Demographic History at the Moscow State University (1996) [English]

-Master courses Business History at the Faculties of Economics and of Management (1996-1998) [English]

-Second year seminars on 20th century Dutch Economic History at the Faculty of Economics (1996-1998)

-Second year seminars Economic and Social History on the social and economic development of countries in the 20th century in a comparative perspective at the Faculty of Arts (1997-1999)

-Examination Dutch History after 1800 (Economic and social history part) at the Faculty of Arts (2007-2009)

-A Master course for American Studies students: America in Crisis at the Faculty of Arts (2009-2010) [English].

-Methodology in the Research Master Modern History and International Relations (2009-2012) together with Barbara Henkes (2009-2012), Herman Hoen (2009), Leandro Vergara Camus (2010), Chris Lamont (2011-2012) [English].

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Contact information

Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands