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Directional droplet transport on switchable ratchets by mechanowetting

Metachronal patterns by magnetically-programmable artificial cilia surfaces for low Reynolds number fluid transport and mixing

Microscopic artificial cilia - a review

Structure–property relations of three-dimensional nanoporous template-based graphene foams

Transport receptor occupancy in nuclear pore complex mimics

A designer FG-Nup that reconstitutes the selective transport barrier of the nuclear pore complex

A 4BPA Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Study on the Aggregation of Polyglutamine

Bi-directional locomotion of a magnetically-actuated jellyfish-inspired soft robot

De Novo Computational Design of Disordered Fg-Nucleoporins

Mechanowetting drives droplet and fluid transport on traveling surface waves generated by light-responsive liquid crystal polymers

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