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3D-printed micrometer-scale wireless magnetic cilia with metachronal programmability

A One-Bead-Per-Saccharide (1BPS) Model for Glycosaminoglycans

Diameter Dependence of Transport through Nuclear Pore Complex Mimics Studied Using Optical Nanopores

Exploring Intra- and Inter-Regional Interactions in the IDP α-Synuclein Using smFRET and MD Simulations

Extracellular proteoglycans: A multiscale computational study

Magnetic-field-induced propulsion of jellyfish-inspired soft robotic swimmers

Numerical modeling and quantification of droplet mixing using mechanowetting

Phase separation of intrinsically disordered FG-Nups is driven by highly dynamic FG motifs

Directional droplet transport on switchable ratchets by mechanowetting

Metachronal patterns by magnetically-programmable artificial cilia surfaces for low Reynolds number fluid transport and mixing

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The secret of ultralight but stiff sandwich nanotubes


'Designer' pore shows selective traffic to and from the cell nucleus

'Designer' pore shows selective traffic to and from the cell nucleus

Simple 'designer' pore reproduces selective cellular transport mechanisms

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