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A concise review of microfluidic particle manipulation methods

A Designer FG-Nup that Reconstitutes the Selective Transport Barrier of the Nuclear Pore Complex

Anti-Biofouling and Self-Cleaning Surfaces Featured with Magnetic Artificial Cilia

Bioinspired cilia arrays with programmable nonreciprocal motion and metachronal coordination

Coarse-Grained Modeling of Nuclear Pore Complex Mimics Comprising Designer FG-Nucleoporins

Controlled Multidirectional Particle Transportation by Magnetic Artificial Cilia

Design and applications of light responsive liquid crystal polymer thin films

Flexible and Extended Linker Domains Support Efficient Targeting of Heh2 to the Inner Nuclear Membrane

Metachronal patterns in artificial cilia for low Reynolds number fluid propulsion

Microfluidic slug transport on traveling-wave surface topographies by mechanowetting

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