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prof. dr. ir. P.R. (Patrick) Onck


Research in the Onck group

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Research in the Onck group aims at understanding the micromechanical and functional behavior of (biological) materials based on an accurate description of the underlying (bio-)physical mechanisms. Computational techniques (e.g. molecular dynamics, finite element methods, finite volume approaches, solid-fluid interaction techniques) are being used to explicitly account for the physical mechanisms at the relevant length scales. The research can be grouped in two main topics: (1) Biophysics, (2) Bio-inspired, active and responsive materials.

1. Biophysics (together with the Van der Giessen group)

In this work we study fundamental processes in the cell in order to elucidate the biophysical mechanisms that are responsible for transport through the nuclear pore complex (NPC), the mechanics of cytoskeletal networks, viral membrane fusion and aggregation of disordered proteins in neurodegenerative diseases.

2. Bio-inspired, active and responsive materials

In this work we design bio-inspired thin film systems and coatings of smart materials that can be externally controlled to change surface topography under light exposure, or generate complex spatial motion through magnetic actuation in order to propel fluid or to transport micro-objects through the fluid. Emphasis is on magneto-, electro- and photomechanical interactions. 



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