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Combined lignin defunctionalisation and synthesis gas formation by acceptorless dehydrogenative decarbonylation

New Mechanistic Insights into the Lignin beta-O-4 Linkage Acidolysis with Ethylene Glycol Stabilization Aided by Multilevel Computational Chemistry

Ozone mediated depolymerization and solvolysis of technical lignins under ambient conditions in ethanol

Sequential Catalytic Modification of the Lignin alpha-Ethoxylated beta-O-4 Motif To Facilitate C-O Bond Cleavage by Ruthenium-Xantphos Catalyzed Hydrogen Transfer

An Introduction to Model Compounds of Lignin Linking Motifs; Synthesis and Selection Considerations for Reactivity Studies

Benign catalytic oxidation of potato starch using a homogeneous binuclear manganese catalyst and hydrogen peroxide

Efficient Cu-based catalysts for the selective demethoxylation of guaiacols

Solvent-Free Catalytic Hydrotreatment of Alcell Lignin Using Mono- and Bimetallic Ni(Mo) Catalysts Supported on Mesoporous Alumina

Chemicals from lignin by diol-stabilized acidolysis: Reaction pathways and kinetics

Enhanced Catalytic Depolymerization of a Kraft Lignin by a Mechanochemical Approach

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Subsidie voor onderzoek naar duurzame sinaasappelteelt – in samenwerking met Brazilië

Grant for research into sustainable orange cultivation – in collaboration with Brazil

Serendipiteit en kwantumchemie leiden tot nieuwe syntheseroute

Een mes van hout dat ook nog eens vlijmscherp is? Het kan

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