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prof. dr. P.C.A. (Patrick) van der Wel

Assoc. Professor Solid State NMR Spectroscopy
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Anja Onstwedder-Reiling:


Surface-Binding to Cardiolipin Nanodomains Triggers Cytochrome c Pro-apoptotic Peroxidase Activity via Localized Dynamics

Structural fingerprinting of protein aggregates by DNP-enhanced solid-state NMR at natural isotopic abundance

New applications of solid-state NMR in structural biology

Insights into protein misfolding and aggregation enabled by solid-state NMR spectroscopy

Fibril polymorphism affects immobilized non-amyloid flanking domains of huntingtin exon1 rather than its polyglutamine core

Cataract-associated P23T γD-crystallin retains a native-like fold in amorphous-looking aggregates formed at physiological pH

Peptide-Directed Assembly of Single-Helical Gold Nanoparticle Superstructures Exhibiting Intense Chiroptical Activity

Huntingtin exon 1 fibrils feature an interdigitated β-hairpin-based polyglutamine core

Structural Changes and Proapoptotic Peroxidase Activity of Cardiolipin-Bound Mitochondrial Cytochrome c

Combinations of arginine and pullulan reveal the selective effect of stabilization mechanisms on different lyophilized proteins

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De Twitterende wetenschapper: Patrick van der Wel over zijn onderzoek naar onbekende ziektes

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'세포 자살' 신호는 어떻게 미토콘드리아에 전달될까

Scientists unravel how cell death is initiated on a molecular level

How an unfolding protein can induce programmed cell death

How An Unfolding Protein Can Induce Programmed Cell Death? (Biology)

How an unfolding protein can induce programmed cell death

Protein With ‘Switch’ Sensitive to Clumping May Aid in Treating Disease

Revealed protein structure could aid in Huntington’s disease treatment development

Study reveals the structure of heat shock proteins that could treat Huntington's disease

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