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O.O. (Olha) Cherednychenko, Prof

Professor of European Private Law and Comparative Law / Director Groningen Centre for European Financial Services Law
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+31 50 36 35658 (+31503635658)



European internal market law and private law, in particular, contract law, financial services law, the horizontal effect of fundamental rights; comparative law; legal theory 

publications (for a complete publication list see 'Research')

- Books and edited volumes

Cherednychenko, O. O., & Andenas, M. (Eds.) (2020). Financial Regulation and Civil Liability in European Law . Edward Elgar Publishing.

Cherednychenko, O. O. (Ed.) (2015). Public and Private Enforcement of European Private Law: Perspectives and Challenges. Special Issue of European Review of Private Law, 23(4).

Cherednychenko, O. O. , Jansen, C. E. C., Neerhof, A. R. , & Verstijlen, F. M. J.  (Eds.) (2013).  Het publieke van het privaatrecht: hoe regulering van publieke belangen het privaatrecht beïnvloedt . Boom Juridische uitgevers.

Cherednychenko, O. O. (2007).  Fundamental Rights, Contract Law and the Protection of the Weaker Party: A Comparative Analysis of the Constitutionalisation of Contract Law, with Emphasis on Risky Financial Transactions.  Sellier, European Law Publishers.

- Articles and book chapters

Cherednychenko, O.O. (2021). Islands and the Ocean: Three Models of the Relationship between EU Market Regulation and National Private Law,
The Modern Law Review, 84(6), 1294-1329.

Cherednychenko, O.O. (2021). Regulatory Agencies and Private Damages in the EU: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice, Oxford Yearbook of European Law, 40, 146-171.

Cherednychenko, O. O. 
(2021). Two Sides of the Same Coin: EU Financial Regulation and Private Law,  European Business Organization Law Review22 (1), 147-172.

Cherednychenko, O. O.  (2020).  Rediscovering the Public/Private Divide in EU Private Law European Law Journal 26 (1-2), 27-47.

Cherednychenko, O. O.  (2020).  Financial Regulation and Civil Liability in European Law: Towards a More Coordinated Approach?  In O. O. Cherednychenko, & M. Andenas (Eds.),  Financial Regulation and Civil Liability in European Law  (pp. 2-46). Edward Elgar Publishing. (

Cherednychenko, O. O.  (2019).  EU Financial Regulation, Contract Law and Sustainable Consumer Finance . In E. van Schagen, & S. Weatherill (Eds.),  Better Regulation in EU Contract Law: The Fitness Check and the New Deal for Consumers  (pp. 61-91). (Studies of the Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law; Vol. 29). Hart Publishing / Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

Cherednychenko, O. O. , & Meindertsma, J. M.  (2019).  Irresponsible Lending in the Post-Crisis Era: Is the EU Consumer Credit Directive Fit for Its Purpose?   Journal of Consumer Policy 42 (4), 483-519.

Cherednychenko, O. O.  (2017).  Fundamental Freedoms, Fundamental Rights, and the Many Faces of Freedom of Contract in the EU. In M. Andenas, T. Bekkedal, & L. Pantaleo (Eds.),  The Reach of Free Movement  (pp. 273-292). T.M.C. Asser Press.

Cherednychenko, O. O.  (2017).  The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and Consumer Credit: Towards Responsible Lending?  In H. Collins (Ed.),  European Contract Law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights  (pp. 139-166). (European Contract Law and Theory; Vol. 2). Intersentia. SSRN

Cherednychenko, O. O.  (2016).  Cooperative or Competitive? Private Regulators and Public Supervisors in the Post-Crisis European Financial Services Landscape Policy & Society 35 (1), 103-114.

Cherednychenko, O. O. , & Reich, N. (2015).  The Constitutionalization of European Private Law: Gateways, Constraints, and Challenges European Review of Private Law 23 (5), 797-827. SSRN

Cherednychenko, O. O.  (2014).  Fundamental Rights, European Private Law, and Financial Services . In H-W. Micklitz (Ed.),  Constitutionalization of European Private Law  (pp. 170-209). Oxford University Press.

Cherednychenko, O. O.  (2014).  Public Supervision over Private Relationships: Towards European Supervision Private Law?   European Review of Private Law,   22 (1), 37-67.

Cherednychenko, O. O.  (2013).  Private Law Discourse and Scholarship in the Wake of the Europeanisation of Private Law . In J. Devenney, & M. Kenny (Eds.),  The Transformation of European Private Law: Harmonisation, Consolidation, Codification or Chaos?  (pp. 148-171). Cambridge University Press.

Cherednychenko, O. O.  (2011).  Full Harmonisation of Retail Financial Services Contract Law in Europe: A Success or a Failure?   In S. Grundmann, & Y. M. Atamer (Eds.),  Financial Services, Financial Crisis and General European Contract Law: Failure and Challenges of Contracting  (pp. 221-258). Kluwer Law International.

Cherednychenko, O. O.  (2007).  Fundamental Rights and Private Law: A Relationship of Subordination or Complementarity?   Utrecht Law Review 3 (2), 1-25.

Other positions

Member Executive Committee International Association of Legal Science (IALS); Member Advisory Board World Council for Law Firms & Justice (WCLF); Member Editorial Advisory Board Law and Financial Markets Review; Member Advisory Board London Centre for Commercial and Financial Law Book Series; Member Institute for Responsible Finance (iff), Hamburg; Member Amsterdam Centre for Insurance Studies (ACIS), University of Amsterdam; Member Centre for Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Centre for PPE), University of Groningen
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+31 50 36 35658 (+31503635658)