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Good Old Chapter 11 in a Pre-Insolvency World: The Growth of Global Reorganization Options

The Noken System and the Challenge of Democratic Governance at the Periphery: An Analysis of Free and Fair Elections in Papua, Indonesia

Aansprakelijkheid voor aardbevingsschade: een rechtseconomische analyse

Decentralization and Public Service Provision: A Case Study of the Education Sector in Jayawijaya District, Papua, Indonesia

Not a Bank, Not a SIFI; Still Too Big to Fail

Ondernemingswaardering en financiering: theorie en toepassing

Patterns of place promotion, place marketing and/or place branding in Dutch municipalities

Private Benefits Without Control? Modern Chapter 11 and the Market for Corporate Control

Reframing place promotion, place marketing, and place branding - moving beyond conceptual confusion

Absolute vs. Intensity-based Caps for Carbon Emissions Target Setting: A Risk Linking the EU ETS to the Chinese National ETS?

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