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Market fundamentals, competition and natural-gas prices

Competition in the Dutch electricity wholesale market: An empirical analysis over 2006-2011

Distributed energy generation techniques and the competitive fringe effect in electricity markets

Cross-border constraints, institutional changes and integration of the Dutch-German gas market

The impact of renewable energy on electricity prices in the Netherlands

A Research Agenda to Better Understand the Human Dimensions of Energy Transitions

Carbon intensity and the cost of equity capital

Challenging Natural Monopolies: Assessing Market Power of Gas Transmission System Operators for Cross-Border Capacity

Energy Networks, Natural Monopolies and Tariff Regulation

Giving hydrogen a jump start: lessons learned from Dutch policies in other industries

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Zonnepanelen populair door hoge energieprijzen

EU-lidstaten mogen pijn van de energiecrisis verlichten met vouchers of belastingverlaging

Extra gas winnen in Groningen: taboe of noodzaak?

Waarom de huidige gascrisis zowel de noodzaak als de risico’s van de energietransitie blootlegt

Stel dat de winter streng is, gaat het Groningse gasveld dan toch in 2022 dicht?

Suppose the winter is severe, will the Groningen gas field close in 2022?

Extra gas winnen in Groningen: taboe of noodzaak?

Duurdere producten door hogere energieprijzen: 'het is serieus'

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