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prof. dr. M. Mulder

Professor of Regulation of Energy Markets
prof. dr. M. Mulder

- Regulation and competition in gas networks (phd project Jann Keller, with Gerard Kuper)

- Finance and climate policy (phd project Arjan Trinks, with Bert Scholtens)

- Economics of green gas (phd project Daan Hulshof, with Catrinus Jepma)

- Super Power to Gas (European project, including phd and postdoc)

- Economics of hydrogen markets (phd project)

- Effectiveness of energy-savings policies (with Eelko Huizingh)

- Determining the WACC under uncertainty (with Ward Romeijnders) (initially also with Maarten van der Vlerk †)

- Alternative heating systems of Dutch residential houses (with Linda Toolsema, Rokus Wijbrans and Jose L. Moraga)

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