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Research interests

Sociolinguistics and Language Contact; Language Attitudes and Ideologies; Creoles and Mixed Languages; Morphology; Algonquian Languages


Language policy and diversity management for social justice: An introduction

Language policy and diversity management for social justice

Linguistic ‘productscape’ and ethnolinguistic vitality: Arabic and Hebrew on milk products in Israel

Morphological productivity, polysynthesis and the Algonquian verb

Tone in Naijá: A prosodic experiment on the realization of copular and imperfective /de/ and its consequences for spelling

Michif mixed verbs: Typologically unusual word internal mixing

Mixed languages from core to fringe: Introduction to the volume

Secondary derivation in the Michif verb: Beyond the traditional Algonquian template: (Presented with the glossed text of “La pchit Sandrieuz”, Fleury & Bakker 2004)

The ideological debate on Naijá and its use in education

Michif studies: Challenges and opportunities in collaborative language research

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Hoefolle talen wurde yn Ljouwert sprutsen? Mercator wol nij ûndersyk dwaan

Podcast: Bremen spricht! Migration, Sprache und das Städtische