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Cntn4, a risk gene for neuropsychiatric disorders, modulates hippocampal synaptic plasticity and behavior

Age-dependent shift in spontaneous excitation-inhibition balance of infralimbic prefrontal layer II/III neurons is accelerated by early life stress, independent of forebrain mineralocorticoid receptor expression

Individual differences in the encoding of contextual details following acute stress: An explorative study

Maternal care of heterozygous dopamine receptorD4knockout mice: Differential susceptibility to early-life rearing conditions

No Time-Dependent Effects of Psychosocial Stress on Fear Contextualization and Generalization: A Randomized-Controlled Study With Healthy Participants

Pro-social preference in an automated operant two-choice reward task under different housing conditions: Exploratory studies on pro-social decision making

The relevance of a rodent cohort in the Consortium on Individual Development

The Role of Stress in Bipolar Disorder

Brain Mineralocorticoid Receptors and Resilience to Stress

Circadian and Ultradian Variations in Corticosterone Level Influence Functioning of the Male Mouse Basolateral Amygdala

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