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Application of a pharmacological transcriptome filter identifies a shortlist of mouse glucocorticoid receptor target genes associated with memory consolidation

Effects of early life adversity on immediate early gene expression: Systematic review and 3-level meta-analysis of rodent studies

Individual differences in the encoding of contextual details following acute stress: An explorative study

Mechanisms of memory under stress

Non-genomic steroid signaling through the mineralocorticoid receptor: Involvement of a membrane-associated receptor?

Sleeping off stress

The mouse brain after foot shock in four dimensions: Temporal dynamics at a single-cell resolution

The STRESS-NL database: A resource for human acute stress studies across the Netherlands

Complex Housing, but Not Maternal Deprivation Affects Motivation to Liberate a Trapped Cage-Mate in an Operant Rat Task

Disrupted upregulation of salience network connectivity during acute stress in siblings of schizophrenia patients

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UMCG opent Clinical Research Unit voor betere ontwikkeling medicijnen

UMCG stopt 2miljoen euro in AI, e-health en big data

Bijna twee miljoen euro in AI, eHealth en big data geïnvesteerd door het UMCG

UMCG investeert bijna twee miljoen euro in AI, eHealth en big data

UMCG stopt 2 miljoen euro in AI, e-health en big data

UMCG investeert twee miljoen euro in AI, eHealth en big data

UMC Groningen investeert fors in AI, eHealth en big data

RUG presenteert ontwerp nieuw Onderwijscentrum op de Healthy Ageing Campus

UMCG-patiënten krijgen ‘makelaar’ voor gezonde leefstijl

University of Groningen: Aletta Jacobs: a pioneer for talented female academics for the last 150 years

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