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Transdiagnostic factors in depression and post-traumatic stress in a Mexican and Dutch sample

Better together?: A randomized controlled microtrial comparing different levels of therapist and parental involvement in exposure-based treatment of childhood specific phobia

Childhood maltreatment and adulthood victimization: An evidence-based model

Childhood Maltreatment and Revictimization: A Systematic Literature Review

De juiste zelfkennis versterkt de zelfregie: Een reactie op de reactie van Karbouniaris en collega's (2023)

Peer-provided psychological intervention for Syrian refugees: results of a randomised controlled trial on the effectiveness of Problem Management Plus

Primary prevention of trauma-related disorders in high-risk professionals: A systematic review

Transdiagnostic factors in symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress: a systematic review

Traumagerelateerde klachten: Een aantal populaire behandelingen onder de loep genomen

Treating specific phobia in youth: A randomized controlled microtrial comparing gradual exposure in large steps to exposure in small steps

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Nominatie Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs

How problematic are sleep problems in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder?”,