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Avoidance Learning as Predictor of Posttraumatic Stress in Firefighters

Deleting “fear” from “fear extinction”: Estimating the individual extinction rate via non-aversive conditioning

Longitudinal associations between hair cortisol, PTSD symptoms, and sleep disturbances in a sample of firefighters with duty-related trauma exposure

Responding to uncertain threat: A potential mediator for the effect of mindfulness on anxiety

Reward prospect improves inhibitory control in female university students with a history of childhood sexual and physical abuse

Stress management versus cognitive restructuring in trauma-affected refugees — A follow-up study on a pragmatic randomised trial

Treating Speech Anxiety in Youth: A Randomized Controlled Microtrial Testing the Efficacy of Exposure Only versus Exposure Combined with Anxiety Management Strategies

Disrupted joint action accounts for reduced likability of socially anxious individuals

Durfpoli materiaal voor behandelaren, kinderen en ouders

Module Act&Dare, onderdeel van STARr

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Nominatie Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs

How problematic are sleep problems in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder?”,