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A systematic review of Culturally Adapted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CA-CBT) for anxiety disorders in Southeast Asia

Cost-effectiveness of a mindful yoga intervention added to treatment as usual for young women with major depressive disorder versus treatment as usual only: Cost-effectiveness of yoga for young women with depression

Effectiveness of exposure-based treatment for childhood anxiety disorders: An open clinical trial to test its relation with indices of emotional processing and inhibitory learning

Internet-based behavioural activation therapy versus online psychoeducation for self-reported suicidal ideation in individuals with depression in Indonesia: a secondary analysis of an RCT

Interventions Targeting Negative Mental Imagery in Social Anxiety: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Characteristics and Outcomes

Patterns of sub-optimal change following CBT for childhood anxiety

Targeting negative flashforward imagery in speech anxiety with a visuospatial dual-task: Do attenuated flashforwards lead to less anxiety and avoidance?

The effects of eye movements on the content and characteristics of unpleasant autobiographical memories: an extended replication study

Better together?: A randomized controlled microtrial comparing different levels of therapist and parental involvement in exposure-based treatment of childhood specific phobia

Congruency of multimodal data-driven personalization with shared decision-making for StayFine: individualized app-based relapse prevention for anxiety and depression in young people

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Opinie: De volkstaal als voertaal op de universiteit? Don’t do it!

Interview door de VGCt over Durfpoli en STARr

Interview ZonMw ''Minder praten, meer doen'', Consortium Angst en depressie bij kinderen en jongeren

Coronahulplijn voor jongeren met angst en depressie

Nominatie Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs

Test anxiety (driver's license test)

Bij exposure moet een behandelaar 'gemeen' denken

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