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How to find us prof. dr. M.H. (Maaike) Nauta

prof. dr. M.H. Nauta

Professor (adjunct)

  • Anger in children with anxiety disorders: child temperament and parental responding in the striking comorbidity of internalising and externalizing symptoms (Leonie Kreuze, Peter de Jong, a.o. -TRAILS)
  • Images of future social rejection; Flash forward imagery in the maintenance of youth with social anxiety disorder (Marjolein Thunnissen, Peter de Jong, Marisol Voncken, Marleen Rijkeboer, Accare, PPO, a.o.)
  • Optimizing exposure-based treatment of anxiety disorders in youth (Rachel de Jong, Miriam Lommen, Rachel de Jong- ZonMw, National consortium Anxiety and Mood disorders in youth)
  • StayFine: preventing relapse of anxiety and mood disorders in young people using monitoring and a personalised app-based intervention (Bas Kooiman, Suzanne Robberegt, Yvonne Stikkelbroek, Claudi Bockting, a.o., ZonMw, Accare, GGZ OostBrabant)
  • Social skills training for children with autism spectrum disorder (Vera Dekker, Annelies de Bildt, Pieter Hoekstra a.o., ZonMw, Accare)
  • Individual patient data meta analyses on treatment ingredients and personal characteristics (Bas Kooiman, Laura Steenhuis, Lizel Bertie, Jennifer Hudson, and many others, UNSW)
  • Yoga for young woman with MDD (Nina Vollbehr, Brian Ostafin, Peter de Jong, and many others, ZonMw, Lentis)
  • Imagery in depression (Christien Slofstra, Claudi Bockting, Emily Holmes, a.o.)
  • One session treatment for children with specifc phobia: Imagery in children with specific phobia (Marieke van der Meer, a.o., Accare, KIBA, University of Leiden (Anke Klein, Annelieke Hagen), UvA Minds, Bochum University
  • Imagery in children with OCD (Leonie Kreuze, a.o., Accare)


Project "blended" internet-based treatment for youth with anxiety disorders 

Project CBT in Ukraine 

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