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How to find us prof. dr. mr. M.E. Kalverboer

prof. dr. mr. M.E. Kalverboer

Associate professor (Child(Ortho)pedagogics and Child- and foreign rights, because of Stichting Groninger Universiteitsfonds
prof. dr. mr. M.E. Kalverboer
+31 800 876 5432 (Contact team Kinderombudsman, bereikbaar tussen 12.00 en 17.00u)


The stability of foster family placements of unaccompanied refugee children: A one-year prospective study

Cultural matching factors, child factors, and fostering factors associated with successful foster placement: An explorative study into the perspectives of unaccompanied refugee children, their foster carers and guardians

Finding keys: A systematic review of barriers and facilitators for refugee children's disclosure of their life stories

‘It can never be as perfect as home’: An explorative study into the fostering experiences of unaccompanied refugee children, their foster carers and social workers

La correspondence culturelle des enfants réfugiés non accompagnés et de leur parents d'accueil; permet-elle de prédire la réussite du placement? Une étude sur le point de vue des enfants, des parents d'accueil et des tuteurs

Perspectives of unaccompanied refugee children, their foster carers and guardians on placement success: Which factors predict multi-informant discrepancies?

They ask for protection: An exploratory study into experiences with violence among unaccompanied refugee children in Dutch reception facilities

Het belang van het gevluchte kind in kaart gebracht: bij- of hoofdzaak?

The Best Interests of the Child from different cultural perspectives: Factors influencing judgements of the quality of child-rearing environment and construct validity of the Best Interests of the Child-Questionnaire (BIC-Q) in Kosovo and Albania

"There is no mother to take care of you": Views of unaccompanied children on health care, their mental health and rearing environment

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Lintjesregen 2021: dit zijn de Groningse gedecoreerden

Margrite Kalverboer benoemd tot Officier in de Orde van Oranje Nassau

TV Apperearance in the RTL-4 television talk show. Het vergeten kind talks

TV Appearance in het NOS-journaal om 18.00 uur, 20.00 uur en 22.00 uur

Radio interview Dutch Radio 1, de Ochtenden

TV Appearance in the Jeugdjournaal

Television performance

TV Appearance in IKON-huis

De staat als bedreiging voor de ontwikkeling van het kind

Member of the redaction board of the TV series Uitgezet and TV appearance in one of the episodes

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