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About us How to find us M.L. (Matt) Coler, PhD

M.L. Coler, PhD

Associate Professor and Research Program Manager
M.L. Coler, PhD

Office hours

  • By appointment (until CoViD-19 is resolved)

Courses Taught

  • Language and Culture I and II
  • Fundamentals of Academic Communication
  • Anthropological Linguistics (Free University of Amsterdam)
  • And more.

Current PhD Advisees

  • G. Pinto de Faria Junior, Dept. of Linguistics – Free University Amsterdam. Supervised with W.L.M. Wetzels as promotor & W.F.H. Adelaar. (defence: 2020)
  • V. Verkhodanova, University Groningen, Campus Fryslân with R. Jonkers & W. Lowie (defense: 2021)
  • J. Amelsvoort, University Groningen, Campus Fryslân with G. Jensma (defense: 2022)
  • V. Boswijk, University Groningen, Campus Fryslân with N. Hilton & H. Loerts (defense: 2022)
  • B. Dijkstra, University Groningen, Campus Fryslân with G. Redeker (defense: 2022)
  • M. Everhardt, Center of Language and Cognition – University of Groningen. Supervised with W. Lowie. (defence: 2023)
  • Y. Wang, University of Groningen, Graduate School for the Humanities with G. Redeker (defense: 2023)
  • P. Do, University Groningen, Campus Fryslân  with J. Dijkstra (defense: 2024)

Previous PhD Advisees

  1. Bild, Dept. of Human Geography, Uni of Amsterdam. Defence: 2019.
  2. Yaman, Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science, Technical Uni Eindhoven. Defense: 2019.

Doctoral Defence Committee Member

  • P. Mendes Costa, Fonologia segmental e suprassegmental do Nambikwara do Campo. Supervisd by Wetzels & Stelles.
  • Bardagil-Mas Case and agreement in Panará. Supervised by J-W Zwart,  F. Queixalós, and W.L.M. Wetzels
  • G. Braga, Fonologia Negarotê: Análise Fonológica da Língua do Grupo Negarotê. Supervised by W.LM. Wetzels & S.V. Telles de Araujo Pereira Lima. Free University Amsterdam
  • G. Geraldine, Evidencialidad indirecta en aimara y en el español de La Paz. Supervised by M. Bernal, H. Bergqvist & P. Muysken. University Stockholm 
  • M.P. Mirando,  Brazilian Portuguese spoken in the quilombo of Curiaú. Supervised by W.L.M. Wetzels. Free University Amsterdam
  • C. Couto, A  fonologia do Saynáwa (Pano). Supervised by W.L.M. Wetzels & W.F.H. Adelaar. Free University Amsterdam
  • A. da Cruz, Fonologia e Gramática do Nheengatú. Supervised by W.L.M. Wetzels & W.F.H. Adelaar; co-supervised by F Queixalós. Free University Amsterdam
  • Z. dos Anjos, Fonologia e Gramática Katukina-Kanamari. Supervised by W.L.M. Wetzels & F. Queixalós. Free University Amsterdam
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Contact information

Wirdumerdijk 34
8911 CE Leeuwarden
The Netherlands