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M.L. Coler, PhD

Research Programme Manager & Asst. Professor

1. Research in human voice and speech melody

  • Multilingual Melodies - Describe the prosodic features of multilingual speech as compared to that of monolingual Dutch and Frisian speech, and explore how those features can be used in sensor technologies for accent detection and more. 
  • Dysarthia Recognition INTERREG V Project - Detect Parkinson's Disease and similar pathologies from cues in voice. 
  • Synthetic voices - Develop techniques to phonate whispered speech, and de-voice whispered speech in sythnetic voices for applications in novel human/machine interfaces and for health applications. 

2. Research in knowledge representation & sensory perception

  • Work Package Leader for h2020 FET Open project, Phoenix.
  • HEAR+ - Environmental sound perception with bionics. 
  • Co-Editor, "the Handbook of Sensory Perception: Exploring sensory experience" (ed. Dubois, and with Cance, Gaillard, Guastavino), invited by Bejamins.

An overview of projects can be found on my personal website.

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