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Lexical Stress Identification in Cochlear Implant-Simulated Speech by Non-Native Listeners

A contrastive study on the representation of “Made in China” in Chinese and U.S. newspapers

Improving Luxembourgish Speech Recognition with Cross-Lingual Speech Representations

Prosodic Focus Interpretation in Spectrotemporally Degraded Speech by Non-Native Listeners

Reimagining language Towards a better understanding of language by including our interactions with non-humans

Resource-Efficient Fine-Tuning Strategies for Automatic MOS Prediction in Text-to-Speech for Low-Resource Languages

SarcasticSpeech: Speech Synthesis for Sarcasm in Low-Resource Scenarios

Strategies in Transfer Learning for Low-Resource Speech Synthesis: Phone Mapping, Features Input, and Source Language Selection

The Effects of Input Type and Pronunciation Dictionary Usage in Transfer Learning for Low-Resource Text-to-Speech

A cross-linguistic perspective to classification of healthiness of speech in Parkinson's disease

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