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prof. dr. L.J.R. Scholtens

prof. dr. L.J.R. Scholtens

  • Bert Scholtens is coordinator for the course  Responsible Finance and Investing. He also teaches the course  Banking, Insurance, and Risk Management.
  • He was involved in developing and setting up the courses Bachelor thesis Finance; Sustainability in Business and Economics; Banking, Insurance, and Risk Management; Energy Finance; Responsible Finance and Investing.
  • Bert Scholtens supervises Finance students’  Bachelor-thesis as well as Finance students' Masters-thesis. He also supports Bachelor honours and Research master students with their research projects.
  • Bert Scholtens currently supervises PhD students Meng Han (carbon finance, with Lammertjan Dam), Lina Xie (carbon finance, with Swarnodeep Homroy), Arjan Trinks (sustainable and energy finance, with Machiel Mulder), Konstantinos Sklavos (energy and environmental finance, with Lammertjan Dam), and Mark Helmantel.

Phd-theses (completed)

  • Pham Thi Thu Tra - Essays on Borrowing and Debt Contracting - 2006 [with Robert Lensink]
  • Ilko Naaborg - Foreign Bank Entry and Performance - 2007 [with Jakob de Haan and Robert Lensink]
  • Lammertjan Dam - Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Markets - 2008 [with Elmer Sterken]
  • Choudhry Tanveer Shehzad - Panel Studies on Bank Risks and Crises - 2009 [with Jakob de Haan]
  • Muhammad Omer - Selected Topics in International Monetary Economics - 2014 [with Jakob de Haan]
  • Yanping Zhao - Essays on International Capital Flows, Currency Crises and Exchange Rate Regimes - 2014 [with Jakob de Haan]
  • Michael Rezec - Alternative Approaches in ESG Investing - Four Essays on Investment Performance and Risk - 2015 [with Andreas Hoepner]
  • Suxiao Li - International Fund Flows: Surges, Sudden Stops and Cyclicality - 2017 [with Jakob de Haan]
  • Moritz Wiesel - Investing, Personality and Social Preferences - 2017 [with Kristian Myrseth]
  • Saski Störch - Not all derivatives are alike: Insight from the German market - 2017 [with Andrea Schertler]
  • Herman van Os - Modular Evaluation Method for Subsurface Activities - 2018 [with Rien Herber]
  • Qiubin Huang - Systemic Risk and Financial Regulation - 2019 [with Jakob de Haan]
  • Edie Erman Che Johari - Bank Payout Policy: Evidence from Three Regulatory Changes - 2019 [with Dimitris Chronopoulos and John Wilson]
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