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prof. dr. L.J.R. Scholtens

prof. dr. L.J.R. Scholtens

Phd's Supervised

Pham Thi Thu Tra - Essays on Borrowing and Debt Contracting - 2006 [with Robert Lensink]

Ilko Naaborg - Foreign Bank Entry and Performance - 2007 [with Jakob de Haan and Robert Lensink]

Lammertjan Dam - Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Markets - 2008 [with Elmer Sterken]

Choudhry Tanveer Shehzad - Panel Studies on Bank Risks and Crises - 2009 [with Jakob de Haan]

Muhammad Omer - Selected Topics in International Monetary Economics - 2014 [with Jakob de Haan]

Yanping Zhao - Essays on International Capital Flows, Currency Crises and Exchange Rate Regimes - 2014 [with Jakob de Haan]

Michael Rezec - Alternative Approaches in ESG Investing - Four Essays on Investment Performance and Risk - 2015 [with Andreas Hoepner]

Suxiao Li - International Fund FLows: Surges, Sudden Stops and Cyclicality - 2017 [with Jakob de Haan]

Moritz Wiesel - Investing, Personality and Social Preferences - 2017 [with Kristian Myrseth]

Saski Störch - Not all derivatives are alike: Insight from the German market - 2017 [with Andrea Schertler]

Herman van Os - Modular Evaluation Method for Subsurface Activities - 2018 [with Rien Herber]

Qiubin Huang - Systemic Risk and Financial Regulation - 2019 [with Jakob de Haan]

Edie Erman Che Johari - Bank Payout Policy: Evidence from Three Regulatory Changes - 2019 [with Dimitris Chronopoulos and John Wilson]

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