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How to find us L.A. (Lukas) Linsi, PhD

Research interests

My research focuses on the social and political implications of economic restructuring in the early twenty-first century. In today’s global economy, production is no longer organized within national boundaries, but structured along global value chains that are fragmented across countries. My research examines how this unbundling of firms and nation-states affects our understanding of the political economy of trade and finance.

A great deal of social science research relies on economic data aggregated at the level of countries (e.g. flows of trade and capital between them). My research examines how such data are constructed, their limitations in capturing transnational economic processes, their uses and abuses in the political arena, and how finer-grained data would improve our understanding of broader political-economic trends.


Globalization and the growing defects of international economic statistics

When do Heuristics Matter in Global Capital Markets?: The Case of the BRIC Acronym

Foreign Direct Investment

The Shadow of Socialization: Economic Narratives and the Intergenerational Divide in Attitudes Towards Foreign Takeovers

How the beast became a beauty: the social construction of the economic meaning of foreign direct investment inflows in advanced economies, 1960-2007

Less compelling than it seems: rethinking the relationship between aggregate FDI inflows and national competitiveness

US Investors as Exporters of the 'Winner-Take-All-Economy': Preliminary Evidence and Outline of a Research Agenda

The International Legal Measures Prohibiting the Recruitment of Child Soldiers

FDI attraction policies in ASEAN economies: How to reduce the adverse effects of the competition for foreign direct investments in ASEAN

COVID-19 and the Global Political Economy: Same as it Never Was?

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Did the BRIC-Hype in the mid-2000s Distort Global Capital Flows?

US investors drive growing top income inequality in Britain

Trump uses bad trade statistics. But there's a bigger problem.

Oligarchen im Banne des Rohstoff-Nationalismus

Can FDI data be trusted?

How countries manipulate economic data

Official economic data are often wrong, but subtly so

Worden Chinese coronastatistieken gemanipuleerd?

China impone su relato dentro del país, pero pierde prestigio internacional

Do we Really Know that Chinese COVID-19 Statistics are being Manipulated?

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