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K.M.J. (Karène) Sanchez-Summerer, Prof

Professor and Chair Middle Eastern studies
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PhD supervision: I welcome PhDs proposals on relational history of Palestine (1870-1948), cultural diplomacy in the Middle East, interconfesional relations in the Levant and the Middle East (1870-1960), Middle Eastern communities in Europe (1870-1960)

BA and MA seminars (2022-2024) -selection: ‘Understanding Sectarianism and minorities in the Middle East. A Global approach’, ‘Culture as soft power in the MENA region’, ‘Europe in the Middle East, The Middle East in Europe’

MA seminars (2010-2022)- selection: ‘Talking to the Levant’. Europeans’ Cultural and Linguistic policies in the Middle East (1900-1970), 'Middle Eastern Christianities’, 'Language ideologies, policies, identities in the Middle East'


  • (Autumn 2023- Autumn 2027), ICOG PhD scholarship, Ottoman migrations to Latin America (Antioch-São Paulo): Mapping transnational hubs, networks and cultural heritage' (Groningen University)
  • with Prof. dr. M. Kossmann (September 2019- September 2023), CSC-Leiden University scholarship, K. Bao, ‘The Construction of Identity by Linguistic References in the Arab World: A Comparative Study of Language Ideology and Practice between Berbers in Maghreb and Maronites in Levant’
  • with Prof. dr. Jörg Seiler (January 2017- June 2023), B. Kronegger, ‘The Catholic Church in Palestine. International Politics, Interreligious Relations and Internal Struggles in the Interwar Period (1918-1939)’, Universität Erfurt/ Groningen, Germany
  • with Prof. dr. H Murre van den Berg, T. Baarda, ‘Arabic and Aramaic in Iraq. Language and Christian Commitment to the Arab Nationalist Project (1910-1950)’, defended 8 January 2020 (Leiden University)
  • with Prof. dr. H Murre van den Berg, S. Goldstein-Sabbah, ‘Baghdadi Jewish Networks in Hashemite Irak: Jewish Transnationalism in the Age of Nationalism’, supervisor: Prof. dr. H. Murre-van den Berg and Prof. dr. Daniel Schroeter (Michigan University), defended 10th January 2019 (Leiden University)

Post-doc supervision

  • K. Papastathis (September 2018- August 2022), ‘Between Athens and Constantinople, the Greek Orthodox community in Palestine (1920-1950)’
  • S. Zananiri (September 2018- April 2022), ‘Between the Holy Land and the Mediterranean: the Arab Orthodox community of Palestine’
  • C. Nassif (September 2018- August 2019), ‘Between the Holy Land and the World: the Melkite community of Palestine (1920-1950)’
  • S. Irving (October-December 2019), ‘Linguistic and cultural policies in Ottoman/ British Mandate Palestine (1900-1948): the non-elites’ sources’ 
  • C. Rubio (February-April 2020), ‘Arabic, French and the national dilemma in Mandate Palestine and the first years of the Israel State’
  • S. Agsous-Bienstein (January-May 2021), ‘Pre-1948 archives, Palestinian cultural agents and Khalil Sakakini’s educational projects’
  • O. Calafato (July 2021-February 2022), ‘Snapshots by the Seaside: Connected Histories of the Mediterranean in the 1920s and 1930s” (Photographic representations of an emerging seaside culture across the Eastern Mediterranean region in the 1920s and 1930s)
  • S. Irakleos (September 2021-February 2022), ‘J. Reddaway personal archives, the formative years of the Director of the Arab-British Center and Deputy Commissioner General of the UNRWA’
  • A. Turiano (September 2021- Spring 2022), ‘Gender, philanthropy, and Empire: the Italian ANSMI in Ottoman and Mandate Levant’
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