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Practical matters How to find us K.M.J. (Karène) Sanchez-Summerer, Prof Dr

Research interests

CHS, Centre for Historical Studies/  ICOG


Colonial vocabularies. Arabic teaching and learning (1870-1970)

French in the Holy Land. Language, Diplomacy, Identity and French education in Palestine (1918-1948)

Middle Eastern Christianity and Catholic Europe, Connected Histories (16th-20th c.)

Orthodoxy and solidarity: Niqula Khoury’s journey to the League of Nations

‘To ‘strengthen Mediterranean resistance’? Albert Antebi and the porous boundaries of cultural identification in Ottoman Jerusalem (1896-1919)

Vocabularies of travel and tourism in the ‘Holy Lands,’ 1870-1950

'In partibus Fidelium': Missions du Levant et connaissance de l’Orient chrétien (XIXe-XXIe siècles)

Missions and Preaching: Connected and decompartmentalised perspectives from the Middle East and North Africa (19th-21st century)

‘Reconstructing babel’: Christian missions and knowledge production in the Middle East, nineteenth-twentieth century

'The House of the Priest': A Palestinian Life (1885-1954)

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Podcast An Interconfessional History of Missions in the Middle East and North Africa

Blog International Open Access week (OAPEN)

Podcast European Cultural Diplomacy and Arab Christians in Palestine before the creation of Israel

Photographic exhibition- Eastern orthodoxy, Nationalism and the Holy Land

Podcast Jerusalem Unplugged

What the French knew about Palestine (1860-1960)

Blog- Christian Missions and Humanitarianism in the Middle East (1850 - 1950)

Documentary- Franck Scholten. Photographing Palestine (1921-1923)

Cultural Diplomacy and Archaeology in British Mandate Palestine, RMO museum Leiden

The Nederlands Fotogenootschap. ‘Holy Land’ and Modernity: the Frank Scholten Collection in Context’

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