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K.M.J. (Karène) Sanchez-Summerer, Prof

Professor and Chair Middle Eastern studies
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  •  Jan. 2024- Jan. 2029: co-PI ANR project (CNRS), 'Grammars of Preaching: lexis, mapping, staging (Middle East, 19th-21st centuries)'
  • Dec. 2017- Dec. 2022: PI VIDI project, NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research), ‘European cultural diplomacy and Arab Christians in Palestine. A connected history during the formative years of the Middle East (1918-1948)

  •  2020-2022: co-PI CollEX-Persée (Digital Humanities), Archives of French as a Foreign Language CLIODIFLE 1919-1985 (consortium between the universities of Paris 3 Sorbonne, Kings’ College London, Tours, Rouen, Athens Capodistrian University, Leiden University, Università del Sacro Cuore Milan, University of Geneva SIHFLES and FIPF)
  • 2018-2019: PI NWO Stichting Van Moorsel en Rijnierse project, ‘Between the Holy Land and the World. A connected history of Christian communities in the Near East via the unpublished Franciscan and Dominican photographic collections (1900-1948)’ (in association with IFPO, EFR Rome, Archivists without borders and ArchiLogica)
  • 2015-2018: PI NWO Internationalization in the Humanities project, ‘Engaging Europe in the Arab World: European missionaries and humanitarianism in the Middle East (1850-1970)’ (in cooperation with IEG Mainz Leibniz Institute of European History and IISMM Paris Institute for the Studies of Islam et Muslim Societies)
  • 2017-2021: Co-PI international project MisSMOChristian missions and societies in the Middle East: organizations, identities, heritagization; 19th-20Ith centuries’ (consortium between Leiden University, EFR Rome Ecole française, IFEA Istanbul Institut français d’Etudes anatoliennes, IFAO Cairo Institut français d’archéologie orientale, IFPO Amman Institut français du Proche-Orient, FSCIRE Bologna Fondazione per le Science Religiose Giovanni XXIII)

  •  2012-2017: NWO Open Competition project ‘Arabic and its alternatives. Religion and Language Change in the Formative Years of the Modern Middle East (1920-1950)’ (with Prof. dr. H. Murre-van den Berg)
  • 2008-2011: Participant in the ANR (Agence Nationale pour la Recherche) International project ‘Archiver: les pratiques historiographiques dans le Moyen-Orient contemporain. Faiseurs d’histoire, faiseurs d’archives’ (LAU-IIAC, UMR 8177, CNRS-EHESS-Culture)

 Grants (selection)

  • Public Engagement Seed, 2023-2024, 'A Dutch Lawrence of Arabia? The Netherlands, Arabs, Jews and teh Holy Land (1918-1924)'
  • Aspasia Grant, NWO, 2018-2022  
  • Scholar in Residence at EFR (Ecole franc╠žaise de Rome); Senior Researcher fellowship, April-July 2019
  • Invited Scholar IREMAM (Institut de Recherches et Etudes sur les Mondes Arabe et Musulman), Aix Marseille University, ‘Grammars of Preaching: Model, Mapping, Materiality (Levant/Middle East; 19th-21st centuries)’
  • Research Fellow/ Associate at the IFPO (Institut Franc╠žais du Proche Orient) Jerusalem/ Beyrouth (2018-2022)
  • LUCIS (Leiden University Centre for Islamic Studies), Visiting Fellow Grant for Prof. dr. IM Okkenhaug (Volda University College, co PI Global Moments in the Middle East- May 2016)
  • Fellowship ‘Senior Researcher’, IEG (Leibniz Institute of European History), Universität Mainz (February 2015)
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