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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. K.J. (Kees Jan) Roodbergen

Research interests

Kees Jan Roodbergen is professor of Quantitative Logistics at the University of Groningen, and Director of the Center for Operational Excellence (University of Groningen). He holds a MSc degree in Econometrics & Operations Research from the University of Groningen and a PhD degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has been a visiting researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), Virginia Polytechnic Instititute and State University (USA), and Université Laval (Canada).

His research interests include E -commerce Logistics, Warehouse optimization, Vehicle Routing, Traveling Salesman Problem, and Inventory Management. He has applied various techniques from the field of Operations Research in practical studies. His methods for warehouse optimisation have been implemented in Warehouse Management Systems.

Roodbergen serves on the Scientific Advisory Council of the World Food Logistics Organization, which represents companies specialised in handling cooled and frozen food products. Until 2013 he served as member for international affairs on the College-Industry Council on Material Handling Education in the USA. This council is affiliated with the Material Handling Industry of America and facilitates the information interchange between industry and academia. He was a jury member for a number of practice awards in e-commerce.

He has published his work in various academic journals, including Operations Research and Transportation Science. For his research, he has regularly received external funding. This includes funding for the projects PIONEER (TKI Dinalog, 2019), e-global (NWO, 2017), "Towards virtual ports in a physical internet" (NWO, 2015), "Improving Transport and Accessibility through new Communication Technologies" (Interreg IVB, 2013). In these projects he served either as main applicant or as co-applicant.

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A compact arc-based ILP formulation for the pickup and delivery problem with divisible pickups and deliveries

A Special Case of the Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem in End-of-Aisle Picking Systems

Asymmetric Multi-depot Vehicle Routing Problems: Valid Inequalities and a Branch-and-cut Algorithm

Controlling and enabling practices to manage supply in online service triads

Cross docking for libraries with a depot

The two-echelon vehicle routing problem with covering options: City logistics with cargo bikes and parcel lockers

The vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery and handling costs

Integration of returns and decomposition of customer orders in e-commerce warehouses

Transshipment of cross-channel returned products

A simultaneous facility location and vehicle routing problem arising in health care logistics in the Netherlands

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