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A compact arc-based ILP formulation for the pickup and delivery problem with divisible pickups and deliveries

A Special Case of the Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem in End-of-aisle Picking Systems

Asymmetric Multi-depot Vehicle Routing Problems: Valid Inequalities and a Branch-and-cut Algorithm

Controlling and enabling practices to manage supply in online service triads

Cross docking for libraries with a depot

The two-echelon vehicle routing problem with covering options: City logistics with cargo bikes and parcel lockers

The vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery and handling costs

Integration of returns and decomposition of customer orders in e-commerce warehouses

Transshipment of cross-channel returned products

A simultaneous facility location and vehicle routing problem arising in health care logistics in the Netherlands

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Physical Internet is een kwestie van tijd

E-commerce: laat een ander doen wat je zelf kunt

Sneller schakelen voor online succes

Spelers met veel winkels kunnen logistieke rol pakken

Versnipperd - over de brei aan bezorgdiensten

Logistiek is katalysator groei e-commerce

E-fulfilment in Nederland: Wie Wat Waar

Bij e-commerce moet logistiek meer toegevoegde waarde bieden

Kees Jan Roodbergen: Nederland moet koploper e-commerce worden

Bedrijfsleven ondersteunt omnichannel logistiek onderzoeksprogramma

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