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Towards virtual ports in a physical internet

Towards virtual ports in a physical internet


Subsidy from: NWO
Time period: 2015-2019
Budget : €591,000 (RUG part: €351,000)

Consortium Partners: University of Groningen (main applicant: I.F.A. vis), Delft University of Technology, Port of Rotterdam, Groningen Seaports

We aim to conceptualise the future roles of ports under the Physical Internet (PI) initiative and to design decision-support systems for PI-enabled port logistics and hinterland operations that can already be used in the short to medium term. PI extends synchromodal thinking by considering sea containers on an individual level, as well as the individual goods from within the sea container after opening, to be transported to the hinterland by means of real-time routing schemes, including selection of transhipment points and transportation modes. In work package 1 we study how to make the transition to such selfregulating logistics systems by identifying future development paths for PI networks. Next to that, mathematical models are designed to calculate expected freight volumes in port networks. In the second work package, we develop approaches for designing early-stage PI core network structures within existing networks, which allows reaping benefits from PI without requiring a full transition. Furthermore, we develop algorithms for real-time decision-making for transport planning, modal shifts, and transhipment decisions of (sea) containers, as enabled by the PI initiative, yet usable within the current logistics context. In the third work package, we study the impact of a world-wide PI rollout for ports and their regional partners by performing a stakeholder analysis and presenting a blueprint definition. This allows us to identify expected shifts in roles, responsibilities and operations between supply chain partners. Finally, valorisation activities will be focused upon in work package 3.

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