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Extension of: Cross-chain order fulfilment coordination for internet sales

Extension of: Cross-chain order fulfilment coordination for internet sales

Principal investigator / main applicant

Subsidy from: Dinalog
Time period: 2012-2016
Budget : €625,000

Consortium partners : University of Groningen, VU University Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Amsterdam, Beurtvaartadres, Ctac, Centraal Boekhuis, Centric IT solutions, DHL, Districon, PostNL,, Sectorinstituut Openbare Bibliotheken (SIOB), Vereniging Openbare Bibliotheken (VOB), WDM Nederland.

Before the internet era, consumers would typically take care of the last mile delivery themselves, by buying products and transporting them to their homes with their own cars. More and more products are nowadays, however, ordered through the internet, with the subsequent need for professional order fulfillment and delivery. This project aims at designing methods to better coordinate products flows, as well as at designing a physical and IT network that enables such coordination for delivery and returns of internet orders.

This project will develop new, scientifically grounded, theories on design, planning, operations, IT infrastructure, and services pricing for current and future e-commerce logistics. This will be reflected in PhD and MSc theses, scientific journal articles, and professional journals. Several projects will be initiated to test or implement developed concepts in practice. Results will enable a better consumer experience in e-commerce by better integration of the IT and logistics infrastructure between companies and between online and offline channels, and by integrated delivery of orders. Logistics can in this way become a serious part of the marketing mix of companies, and thus this project will not just result in new ways to cut costs, but will also enable sales increases.

E-commerce sales channels are currently mostly separated from other channels in the company, and from other companies' e-commerce channels. In this project we will work according to the concept of cross-chain control centers (4C), that have a coordinating role across supply chains. Such integrated decision making opens completely new avenues as is visible in the presented work packages, both from an academic as well as from a practical point of view.

The consortium contains universities as well as companies with extended experience in internet sales, planning and coordination tools and/or IT infrastructure. This combination will ensure results that blend academic rigor and practical applicability. Several pilots will be started, and companies are planning to implement newly developed concepts themselves, or at their clients.

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