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Impact of receiving recorded mental health recovery narratives on quality of life in people experiencing psychosis, people experiencing other mental health problems and for informal carers: Narrative Experiences Online (NEON) study protocol for three randomised controlled trials

Recommendations for the use of long-term experience sampling in bipolar disorder care: a qualitative study of patient and clinician experiences

Insights of Patients and Clinicians on the Promise of the Experience Sampling Method for Psychiatric Care

Personal Recovery Among Service Users Compared With Siblings and a Control Group: A Critical Note on Recovery Assessment

The mechanisms and processes of connection: developing a causal chain model capturing impacts of receiving recorded mental health recovery narratives

Associations of positive affect and negative affect with allostatic load: A Lifelines Cohort Study

Exploring the emotional dynamics of subclinically depressed individuals with and without anhedonia: An experience sampling study

Social support in chat sessions for adolescents and young adults living with a family member with mental illness

Can We Jump from Cross-Sectional to Dynamic Interpretations of Networks? Implications for the Network Perspective in Psychiatry

Dimensional and discrete variations on the psychosis continuum in a Dutch crowd-sourcing population sample

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