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How to find us J.A.J. (Lian) van der Krieke
University Medical Center Groningen

J.A.J. van der Krieke

Postdoc researcher
J.A.J. van der Krieke

Dissertations that I co-supervised:

February 2018: The non-existent average individual: Automated personalization in psychopathology research by leveraging the capabilities of data science. F.J. Blaauw. Link

March 2017:
Survivalkid(s): Online support for adolescents and young adults with a mentally ill family member. L.M. Drost. Link

My own dissertation

´╗┐Patients in the driver's seat: A role for e-mental health? (maart 2014)

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Contact information

Antonius Deusinglaan 1
9713 AV Groningen
The Netherlands

Home address

Interdisciplinary Center Psychopathology and Emotion regulation (ICPE) / Rob Giel Research Center (RGOc)