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Cohort profile of the longitudinal Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (NESDA) on etiology, course and consequences of depressive and anxiety disorders

Comment on: Eronen MI (2019). The levels problem in psychopathology

Common and specific determinants of 9-year depression and anxiety course-trajectories: A machine-learning investigation in the Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (NESDA).

Cross-instrument feasibility, validity, and reproducibility of wireless heart rate monitors: Novel opportunities for extended daily life monitoring

Efficacy of early warning signals and spectral periodicity for predicting transitions in bipolar patients: An actigraphy study

Overnight affective dynamics and sleep characteristics as predictors of depression and its development in women

Personalized ESM monitoring and feedback to support psychological treatment for depression: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial (Therap-i)

Predictors of persistence of anxiety disorders across the lifespan: A systematic review

Sociodemographic, Health and Lifestyle, Sampling, and Mental Health Determinants of 24-Hour Motor Activity Patterns: Observational Study

Spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity and its association with age, sex, obesity indices and hypertension: a population study

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Comment on Pavlova and Uher (2020)

Radio interview Therap-i project

Depressie te lijf met je smartphone

Onderzoek naar depressie: patiënt in de spotlights

Onderzoek naar depressie

Research into depression

NESDA deelstudie naar alledaagse schommelingen in stemming

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