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Circadian markers as a predictor of response in the treatment of depression: A systematic review

Designing daily-life research combining experience sampling method with parallel data

Genome-wide analysis in over 1 million individuals of European ancestry yields improved polygenic risk scores for blood pressure traits

Individual-specific change points in circadian rest-activity rhythm and sleep in individuals tapering their antidepressant medication: an actigraphy study

Predicting Psychiatric Care Intensity with Pre-Intake Data

Prioritization of Kidney Cell Types Highlights Myofibroblast Cells in Regulating Human Blood Pressure

Understanding mechanisms of depression prevention: study protocol of a randomized cross-over trial to investigate mechanisms of mindfulness and positive fantasizing as intervention techniques for reducing perseverative cognition in remitted depressed individuals

Childhood abuse v. neglect and risk for major psychiatric disorders

Day-to-day affect fluctuations in adults with childhood trauma history: a two-week ecological momentary assessment study

Genetic insights into resting heart rate and its role in cardiovascular disease

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Therap-i studie: missing link tussen dagelijks leven en gesprekskamer bij depressieve klachten

Coaching of Personnel Potential

Comment on Pavlova and Uher (2020)

Radio interview Therap-i project

Depressie te lijf met je smartphone

Rethinking Personality

Onderzoek naar depressie: patiënt in de spotlights

Onderzoek naar depressie

Research into depression

NESDA deelstudie naar alledaagse schommelingen in stemming

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