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Developing a clinical prediction rule for repeated consultations with functional somatic symptoms in primary care: a cohort study

Effectiveness of cognitive remediation in depression: a meta-analysis

Explaining the Efficacy of an Internet-Based Behavioral Activation Intervention for Major Depression: A Mechanistic Study of a Randomized-Controlled Trial

Increased prevalence of metabolic syndrome in patients with bipolar disorder compared to a selected control group-a Northern Netherlands LifeLines population cohort study

Intrapartum synthetic oxytocin, behavioral and emotional problems in children, and the role of postnatal depressive symptoms, postnatal anxiety and mother-to-infant bonding: A Dutch prospective cohort study

Assessing risk of bias: a proposal for a unified framework for observational studies and randomized trials

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Antenatal Depression in a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial and Effects on Neurobiological, Behavioral and Cognitive Outcomes in Offspring 3-7 Years Postpartum: A Perspective Article on Study Findings, Limitations and Future Aims

Development of a risk classification model in early pregnancy to screen for suboptimal postnatal mother-to-infant bonding: A prospective cohort study

Dose-effect of maternal serotonin reuptake inhibitor use during pregnancy on birth outcomes: A prospective cohort study

Effectiveness of a guided ACT-based self-help resilience training for depressive symptoms during pregnancy: Study protocol of a randomized controlled trial embedded in a prospective cohort

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Smartphone is voorlopig geen depressie-melder