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Inferring the effect of species interactions on trait evolution

Selection for rapid uptake of scarce or fluctuating resource explains vulnerability of glycolysis to imbalance

Competition dynamics in a chemical system of self-replicating macrocycles

The omnistat: A flexible continuous-culture system for prolonged experimental evolution

Wide lag time distributions break a trade-off between reproduction and survival in bacteria

Alternative male morphs solve sperm performance/longevity trade-off in opposite directions

Mechanisms of assortative mating in speciation with gene flow: Connecting theory and empirical research

The impact of failure: Unsuccessful bacterial invasions steer the soil microbial community away from the invader's niche

Quorum sensing integrates environmental cues, cell density and cell history to control bacterial competence

Reconstructing the genotype-to-fitness map for the bacterial chemotaxis network and its emergent behavioural phenotypes

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How some bacteria escape antibiotics

How does a bacterium make sense of the world?