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Quorum sensing as a mechanism to harness the wisdom of the crowds

Eco-evolutionary interactions and the spread of antimicrobial resistance in pathogenic microbial communities

Eusociality and the evolution of aging in superorganisms

Evolution of parasitoid host preference and performance in response to an invasive host acting as evolutionary trap

The microbial environment modulates non-genetic maternal effects on egg immunity

Trade-offs predicted by metabolic network structure give rise to evolutionary specialization and phenotypic diversification

Inferring the effect of species interactions on trait evolution

Selection for rapid uptake of scarce or fluctuating resource explains vulnerability of glycolysis to imbalance

Competition dynamics in a chemical system of self-replicating macrocycles

The omnistat: A flexible continuous-culture system for prolonged experimental evolution

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Archeologen ruziën over wat er eerder was: muziek of taal

Instroomcijfers - ‘Corona-effect’ stuwt instroom biologie op

How some bacteria escape antibiotics

How does a bacterium make sense of the world?

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