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Practical matters How to find us G. (Goda) Perlaviciute, Prof Dr

G. (Goda) Perlaviciute, Prof Dr

Associate professor Public acceptability of sustainable transitions


Understanding the human dimensions of a sustainable energy transition

The influence of values on evaluations of energy alternatives

An integrated framework for encouraging pro-environmental behaviour: The role of values, situational factors and goals

Contextual and psychological factors shaping evaluations and acceptability of energy alternatives: Integrated review and research agenda

The Significance of Hedonic Values for Environmentally Relevant Attitudes, Preferences, and Actions

An interdisciplinary understanding of energy citizenship: Integrating psychological, legal, and economic perspectives on a citizen-centred sustainable energy transition

Trust in institutions and public acceptability of risky energy production: Testing the causal relationships in the context of Groningen earthquakes

When others control risks: Others-focused coping with risks from energy projects

Contested climate policies and the four Ds of public participation: From normative standards to what people want

Opposing out loud versus supporting in silence: who wants to participate in decision-making about energy projects?

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Ethicists will now have a lab as well

University of Groningen researchers present results of Wind Energy Knowledge Plan pilot study

Draagvlak voor grote PV-projecten? Communicatie, transparantie en betrekken zijn essentieel

Engaging the public in climate policymaking

Protesten tegen windmolens: meer dan egoïstische bezwaren

Interview Human

Windmolens en waarden: hoe trekken we de hedonist over de streep

Draagvlak voor energietransitie in Groningen

Waarom reageren mensen soms emotioneel op duurzame innovaties?

Getting a grip on gas discussions

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